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Time To Fly

Seasons change every year, four distinct climate ranges. Each with their own set of parameters, each with their own set of challenges. Our lives revolve around the seasons, like the earth around the sun. So what makes us so special? You’re right! It’s our DNA. What else then? Is it our up-bringing, our social skills, our mastery of the English language? The bad memories that we have, that keep us making the same bad decisions over and over?



Written by: Robbi & Shirl Spencer


Love On The Run

Robbi and Shirl are like the modern day Ricky and Lucy where Shirl is always up to something and usually finds she is trying to get herself out of trouble with Robbi. You will fall in love with these two who also became known as “The Cuddlemuffins” and as “America’s Cutest Couple 2011” In this book you will get to know both Robbi and Shirl and you will feel everything that they both experienced since both of them are writing this book. You will hear and see for yourself both sides of the story. It was their story that has touched so many lives and to date, has resulted in many couples having the courage to stand up for the love that they believe in.

Based on a true story!

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Secret Visions

It was the year 2045 and Earth was a scary place to live. People traveled the galaxy in all forms of craft and time travel was something that was available to those who had the technology. Samuel L. Jackson from the band Secret Enterprise had a son who would someday save the people of Earth, but would later become a fugitive who would spend his life on the run from the people who he had once served. There would be hope if they could get to Cirrus-5.


I Didn't Do It

Many times I wondered what it would be like to write a book about my life experiences, only list them in chronological order, but I couldn't think of a way to even remember the events of my life and then one day while I was telling one of my stories, it hit me. . .I could easily retrace my steps if I could only remember all of the people that I dated in my life so far. I didn't realize how hard that would prove to be until I created "The Girlfriend List", a list of all of my sexual exploits!Who would even want to read this garbage? You would, so buy the book and get started reading, because once you do, you won't be able to put the book down! This is definitely NOT a children's book, so beware. . .


In My Own Words

My music speaks for itself and says the things that are hidden in my heart, like my ongoing quest to find the perfect mate and how I feel about certain people. This book can be read from cover-to-cover, which would be awesome of you if you did that or it can be used as a lyrical reference book if you need to look up a particular song of mine. My desire is to make you think about stuff that you normally wouldn't think about. It is also my hope that you will laugh and enjoy yourself as you read it.


Is Love Enough?

This is probably the best conglomeration of information on the subject of love and relationships and what it takes to make one work or get out of one if necessary. Many prominent authors appear in this collection of information, compiled from the Internet and other sources.


No Quarter

This is a story of sex on the high seas! Read as Captain Morgan lives a life that people have only dreamed of. Not a children's book and some parts may be offensive to Conservative Christians.


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