IN THE STUDIO NOW: Music I am Currently Working On
I would consider myself to be a Musical Genius with a vast knowledge of Electronics and Computers. I started my music journey with piano lessons when I was 8-years old. I started singing when I was 16 and I learned Guitar when I was 17 and Bass when I was 19. By the time is was 20 I was playing drums and when I was 22 I owned my first recording studio, Lost Sheep Records, on Madison Avenue in Sacramento, California.
I always wanted to graduate from a prestigious music university, so after I did that I realized that music is not realy about that. It is more rooted in the heart through emotions and
in the Imagination, through Geometry or Geometric Shapes.
Knowing what I know now about the Matrix and who we are as
Player Characters, I have come to blend with my newfound
power and all that it brings to light as I stay the course.
I have had the honor of opening for some pretty famous bands, including The Tubes, The Georgia Satellites, Greg Kihn, Don Carlos, Bill Laswell, Barrington Levy, The Mighty Diamonds, Howie Day and many more. I toured for several years with my own band but my one true love is recording and producing music in my own studio, SE STUDIOS in Grass Valley, California.

I am not your average run of the mill producer or musician. For one thing, I do NOT use ProTools at my studio to record, cause I am a trend-setter, not a trend-follower. All of the equipment that we have in our studio came from Sweetwater Music and they have helped us build our dream one piece of gear at a time!


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