Robbi Spencer's Life Story - According to those who know him....

Robbi Spencer was a child with a lot of special dreams and ideas. He would invent things and build things and somehow make people happy. Though as a youngster, his bridges were built with rocks and sticks, someday that would be built with concrete and steel. Not knowing what great things lie ahead, Robbi spent his time dreaming and designing the world of his future. As time passed Robbi learned many things from his parents, friends, and people he met from day to day. All of these things built a foundation that he could rest his ideas upon. Robbi began at a very early age developing a relationship with our Creator. As he grew, he learned of spiritual values and he gained wisdom through the years that would help him become a mighty force that God could use, even in spite of himself! As a youngster, growing up in Sacramento, California, Robbi's development was accelerated by the fast paced environment of the big city. Together with his two sisters, Robbi grew up in a good home where both his parents had good jobs and his Grandparents lived with them and took care of them when they were their parents were at work.

Robbi began spending his summers in Jamaica with his father. There he learned about the basics and rudiments of music from his Uncle Don (Don Carlos) and the locals in Kingston and Lawrence Tavern. The music of the islands is quite different from that of music from the US, but it was a great spawning ground for musical ideas in Robbi's head. Before he even played a note, he could see and hear music. On his first trip to Jamaica, his father's friend gave Robbi his first acoustic guitar and he would sit on the beach in Kingston Bay, playing that guitar.

Robbi began taking piano lesson on a regular basis. This was the beginning and foundation of Robbi's musical journey! Though learning the piano was extremely difficult and frustrating for Robbi, he continued to take lessons and perform at piano recitals for four years. Robbi was nervous performing in front of people and still is somewhat to this day, though you would never know it.

Robbi went to school and grew up like any other boy, not knowing the special gifts that were waiting inside, to be revealed when he was older. Robbi played piano and jammed with friends in local bands. He met several people who really influenced the future direction of his music. Robbi recorded his first demo tape at age fifteen with Jeff Bonhoff of Moriah. "Sandy's Song" and "Egotistical Traumas" were the first two tunes to make it to tape. This inspired Robbi to further his musical career. From there, Robbi decided to finish school early and pursue music more actively.

Robbi graduated from High School two years early and moved away from home. He lived there and went to school at Sierra College, where he studied music and computer science. Robbi started a band, The Spencer Hectic Group, where he played progressive rock music at parties and outdoor events. Robbi jammed with several other bands during this time, like Tyrant (Reinkus Tide).

After Robbi graduated from community college, he married the very talented singer/songwriter ShirlAnne Weaver. Together, Robbi & Shirl began to make beautiful music and babies together! Robbi worked primarily on his song writing during this time. Robbi got a job working as an electrician. He also formed a Christian rock group called Prophecy with drummer Shawn O'Brian and guitarist Jef Williams. Together, Prophecy rocked out with it's heavy metal sound and and crowd pleasing antics.

Robbi began playing with a rock group named Tangent. Working with Ray Torres, Robbi began writing new music that was not only thought provoking, but inspiring. Tangent opened for bands like The Tubes and Greg Kihn and Tesla. About a year and a half into it, Robbi struck a deal with PureMetal Records and set out on his own to find his own identity and getting his hit song "Thrashin' Your Car!" out there to the public through mainstream radio!

Robbi began playing keyboards for Navarro. Playing Navarro's music led to gigs, opening for bands like The Georgia Satellites and Dream Theater. At this time, Robbi was managing a digital recording studio in their town. This gave Robbi a place to bounce his ideas off of other musicians that passed through the studio on a day-to-day basis. Robbi laid tracks with John Mahan from Saint and Curt Balfour from Wake of Destiny, for the album Morris Doesn't Live Here Anymore. Many great music projects were completed at this facility.

Robbi met Carter Sorenson while playing in a club in Reno. Carter enjoyed Robbi's singing so much that he took Robbi home to meet his family and they all bonded and became good friends. Carter and Robbi agreed to create Progressive Edge Records LLC, in order to produce and distribute high-quality spiritually oriented music on a large scale.

Robbi had one album of music that he wanted to complete before moving forward and onto new music with Carter. So Robbi did complete his "Whisper in the Wind" on December 25th, 1999.

Robbi produced several CD's that included his own album "Disfunctional Reality". A 15 song CD that pretty much crosses genre lines and gives a full-spectrum of Robbi's talent. Robbi also produced and performed on Last Millennium's album, "The Pros & The Cons". This album features Ed TenEyck on guitar and James Mariano on drums. In addition to these projects, Robbi also wrote and recorded new songs for a group called Bunker Buster Bob. Their release of "Iraq in Black" is available on-line. Robbi also produced a 2-song demo for Second Hand Kitty with Tom Agar on drums and Robbi on vocals and bass guitar. Robbi also played keyboards with the Wheels of Fire Band for over a year, playing various live shows.

Robbi recorded a CD playing all of the instruments himself and under the name The Spencer Roberts Group. The album was entitled "From Hear to Eternity", a little play on words as usual. This progressive new release by the SRG was in record stores and on radio stations everywhere! It featured 12 original songs that blend various styles of music, including Rock, Reggae and Alternative. Be sure to check this album out if you can still find it, cause you will be stoked for sure!

Robbi was performing with the Wheels of Fire Band. The band featured the late Alberto Loumas on Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar. Robbi Spencer on Keyboards & Horns. Also featured Richie Colton aka Smoochie Boy on Bass, Gary Stoddard aka G on Lead Guitar and Richard O`Connel aka Ritchie Scratch on Drums. WOF performed live and released a killer blues CD, entitled "Live & Unchained 2004".

Robbi went back into the studio to work on his 10th CD, "The Art of Reason", Robbi Spencer enlisted the help of Bill Laswell. William played bass on most of the tracks, as well as lending an ear and some production ideas. The project was completed in 2 months.

Back in the studio working on his 15-th CD, "The Object of Getting Stoned", Robbi Spencer enlisted the help of Bassist Marcus Miller and Guitarist Ed TenEyck. Marcus gave me loops to get ideas for songs, then we all met down at Studio W in Sacramento and began laying tracks on a Sony Digital Tape System. Marcus played most of the bass parts on the CD and was a total bro!

"The Very Best of Robbi Spencer", was later released and was an awesome compilation of songs leading up to this point. Robbi later brought back to life, the band name Kid Einstein by forming a recording project that featured Clark Davenport on Drums, Patrick Julian on Lead Guitar and Robbi Spencer on Lead Vocals, Keyboards and Bass. Ed TenEyck played Lead Guitar on a lot of the songs. The album entitled "Alone", was released around September 7th, 2006.

Robbi and Patrick Julian recorded and released a CD entitled "Chasing Butterflies". This CD featured many Spencer Originals as well as some of Patrick's instrumental songs, that Robbi put words to and made songs out of. It was released in 2007.

Robbi renegotiated a contract with the StrangeEye Sound Company, to join the StrangeEye Band again. In doing so, Robbi positioned himself to perform in the summer of 2007. Though StrangeEye had forged new ground by putting on concerts in the park, the money ran out and guitarist Mark Wyatt commited suicide and left the band in pieces and the summer concerts ended.

The remaining members of StrangeEye continued to play music, only they completely revamped the entire band and it's members and it was Albert Leon, III and Brant Callahan and Robbi Spencer who were left from StrangeEye, new members came and went and pretty much filled things out until they could get back on their feet. Drummer Richie Colton was instrumental in getting SE up and going. Albert, Brant and Robbi became the SE core. 3-guys that would never give up on each other and always stick together no matter what.

Secret Enterprise was way more than a band at this point. The boys had worked hard, went to online training, studied hard and brought their production skills up several notches and SE was now a real Production Company Secret Enterprise Productions and a high-tech recording studio SE Studios.

Their goal was to produce quality music and videos that would serve as entertainment for the general public. As a band, SE joined forces with Drummer Ryan Sweeton and Lead Guitarist Wade Maddock, to create a live music group that would play various venues in and around Northern California.

Though the members of the live band SECRET ENTERPRISE a.k.a. SE change from time to time, it has been the same three members from the beginning. SE Productions continues to grow and its new Private Recording Resort now has 25 active members.

The music of SE has evolved over time, but continues to carry a powerful message and the continuity of the music takes the listener on a journey, as you move from past to present.

Much notoriety has been going SE's way as SE has also received the praise of many famous people like adult film star Ron Jeremy and funk legend Bootsy Collins and Ronnie Shirley of Lizard Lick Towing, a reality series on Time-Warner's TruTV cable network. SE wrote the Lizard Lick Towing & Recovery Theme Song, which sells online in the form of MP3's and Ringtones.

As of late, SE has collaborated on music projects with great musicians like Tommy Lee and Rob Zombie, releasing songs like "Tommy Don't Sue Me", featuring Tommy Lee on Drums and "Bite Your Lip", featuring Rob Zombie on Vocals. One of SE's newest songs, entitled "Lead Me On" features Chris Cornell on Vocals.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2012 will prove to be an awesome year, as Robbi, Shirl and SE all go on to do amazing things at SE Studios! There is so much music to be made and it will be made at SE, where all of these chosen individuals have been truly called to congregate and do this work. Life goes on for the ones who choose to live it and there is literally nothing that can stop the flow of information that will come out of SE through the various blogs. Your support is very important to the undercover ministry that the Spencers have so graciously taken upon themselves...

Please take a few minutes to pray for Robbi & Shirl's lives and ministries and that God will keep the blessings flowing to the ones who really need it the most. We live in a really crazy world and there are countless people who live in total misery, without hope and completely alone and WE CAN HELP THEM! Your donations and contributions to Spencer Ministries are completely tax deductable, but we hope that you give because you want to see lives changed, not so you will get a tax writeoff, but we will take it any way we can get it, so give no matter what! The message in the music helps the spirit of God move in the midst and in that is a powerful force that brings hope to those who have nearly given up... We know the power of the Living God to be true and we know that His power is available to those of us who choose to accept it and operate in that power, using those gifts. God Bless all of you!

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